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Hasani Buchanan also known as “The Real Hasani “ and Pervis Reynolds II, also known as “Pj The King” are a collaborative duo know as “Famous 2 Most”

Hasani and Pj started dancing at the ages of 2 & 4 and have created their own trends that have taken over the WORLD respectfully.

Coming from Arizona , Hasani hit the Atlanta scene producing singing and dancing for numerous artists .
Hasani met Pj who also had a name & a big following in the city due to his #NaeNae dance. But at the time Pj was just dancing, so Hasani began helping Him With his music career by even producing his first song “PjBop.”
After turnt nights and crazy chemistry the songs they did together became more and more infectious and decided to become a group.,, (Famous2Most.)

After they had been in a group for a while  Hasani created the #WhipDance in his fathers studio . He called Pj to show him the dance and the rest is history. Together they made the dance grow as big as the #NaeNae. Both Dances have been seen done by , Beyoncé, Usher, Chris Brown Michelle Obama and even Odell Beckham Jr who also did the dances as a TouchDown Celebration.

They are now signed to Super Producer “Bangladesh’s ” label known as Bangladesh Music Group.

Famous2Most will be appearing in the new Step Up Series: HighWater tv show , Honey 4 movie & Also have Danced with multiple artist like Usher, Chris Brown, Future, Rae Sremmurd, Ciara, and more..

Their new song “SKRRRT” has gone viral due to the #SkrrrtChallenge and their close friends “Ayo and Teo” who also had viral videos to the song as well.


Hasani Buchanan also known as “TheRealHasani “ and Pervis Reynolds II, also known as “PjTheKing” are a collaborative duo know as “Famous 2 Most”

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